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VR Tower Defense

trewel tower.png

VR Tower Defense Game

My Contributions to Trewel Towers

  • Lead Artist

  • Led two 3D artists on a week to week basis

  • Gave feedback on what needed improvement or slight adjustments

  • Worked on a variety of assets from props to some of the villain character models

  • Had meetings with the team every Monday




Third-Person Shooter with a focus on whacky physics and incredible destruction!

My Contributions to Pandemonium

  • Lead Artist

  • Made most of the 3D models in the game

  • Communicated with two other artists on what was expected to be completed weekly

  • Coordinated with the team lead on what needed to be accomplished on a weekly basis

  • Thoroughly documented work on Trello


Two Person Co-Op


Two player game where one player chops and collects wood to give to the carpenter to build a wall to protect the TP

My Contributions to Project the TP!

  • Made all of the art and animations in this project

  • Coordinated with the programmer on what needed to be accomplished first in order to get the game off the ground

  • Documented work on Trello

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